i'm so happy you're here.

fun fact: I am a driven, free spirit with an unconditional love of serendipitous experiences. 

I'm an 'almost thirty' year old who has been in the corporate world for nearly a decade and doing photography (for fun) most of my life. I've always had a creative tick, but in college it struck hard. I was a blog editor for our school's fashion magazine, strictly so I could take my photography hobby to the next level. Finally, I decided to take the leap and finally started my own business.

That being said, if you are into rom coms, fashion, a good read (& better movie), sunsets, long walks (or runs), some great coffee & wine and a variety of music on repeat, I'm sure we will get along and can add something special to the soundtrack to your life along the way.

i'm Danielle, but most people call me Dani.

Nice to
meet you

A true extrovert and eternal optimist, I'm always seeking the best in every situation. My soul craves new places, meeting new people and seizing as many new experiences as I can in this short life. All that said, I do love a good night in and a cozy snuggle at home with some popcorn & a movie.

I'm currently based in the big apple of NYC, but my roots take me all over. Growing up, I moved nine times, which at the time may not have seemed like it, but was a blessing that gave me so much perspective and desire to see the world. I lived coast to coast from California to Connecticut and eventually landed in what I've come to call my home of all homes, Minnesota. I'm still not sure where I'll end up fully, but that makes life more exciting.

If you choose to work with me & share your story as I've now shared with you mine, I'll meet you around the corner or across the country, you name it, we will make it happen.

fun fact: I'm an avid wanderer who almost always says 'yes' to the next adventure.

a little deeper...

For where you are now and where you will go.

so why do I do what I do? 


Seriously. I absolutely love getting the shot that makes you as giddy as I get. Capturing the joy of those who want their love documented or milestones of life fitted to a frame, truly makes me so happy. My goal is to make you feel like your session is yours and authentically relatable to your love's personality.

my process is simple — to be there for all of them. Your go-to-gal, third wheel, you name it. In whatever instance, I will work with you to get your vision right and will be your cheerleader each step of the way. My mission is to seamlessly bring to life the story you have to tell, in a series of the little moments that come along the way. And I will always have some fun with it, as mentioned, dancing is highly encouraged and often times prompted. Whatever the way I guide you through your session, I am on a mission to make the end result all you. 

little things mean a lot. And so do little moments.

capturing beautiful little moments that last forever

okay, did we just become best friends? 


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